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What You May Be Obligated To Do When Released On A Bail Bond

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If someone is arrested for a crime they are being accused of and awaiting their court hearing, they have the option of paying bail to get out of jail early. While some people have the cash on hand to pay for bail, others do not have that luxury. This means that they have to pay for a bail bond, which is like a short-term loan used specifically to pay for bail. Here is what you need to know about your potential obligations to the court and the bondsman when you are released from jail with a bail bond. 

Attend All Court Hearings

The main requirement of a bail bond is that you must return to court for your hearing. However, the bond money is not going to be returned to the bondsman until there is a verdict in the trial and a sentence has been ordered. If you're found not guilty, then the bail money will be released back to the bondsman immediately. If you're found to be guilty, then the bail money would not be released until after sentencing. People that need to return to jail will not have the bail money released until they are back in custody. 

Obey All Travel Restrictions

Part of the rules of being released on bail may be travel restrictions. This is when a judge decides that you are not allowed to leave a specific area while released from jail and awaiting your hearing. For most people, this means not leaving the state, but restrictions may be limited to a smaller area in some situations. 

In addition, there may be curfew restrictions that you must abide by. This is typically decided by the county, but it is common for people out on bail to have a requirement to be at home by a certain time at night.

Check In With Your Bondsman

One of the terms of using a bail bond may be that you check in with your bondman at set times. The bondsman will want to make sure that you are following the terms set forth as part of paying bail and that you have not violated travel restrictions by leaving the designated area. Sometimes a bondsman will randomly check in on you, while other times it is scheduled.

Reach out to a bondsman in your area for more information about the obligations you may have as part of receiving a bail bond.