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Understanding Some Of The Benefits Of Foreign Trusts

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If you have a large chunk of money that you want to place in a trust, then you may want to look at your options outside of the United States. These are referred to as offshore trusts and they do provide Americans with quite a few benefits over trusts established within the United States. Keep reading to learn about some of the more basic benefits. Asset Protection The main benefit of an offshore trust and the reason that many individuals seek them is the fact that they allow for the protection of assets. Read More»

Bail Bond Misinformation You Might Assume Is True

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The criminal justice system is one of the more complicated aspects of society, and it is capable of having profound impacts on the lives of those that are drawn into it. This makes it important for everyone to make sure that some of the most common pieces of misinformation are corrected. Myth: Bail Will Count Towards Any Fines That Are Levied It is common for those that are convicted of crimes to face monetary fines. Read More»

Why Tax Reform Might Not Affect The State Income Tax Return Of Some Homeowners

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Homeowners have traditionally relied on the mortgage interest deduction to provide an ongoing tax benefit. By doing so, the cost of mortgage interest is used as an itemized deduction to offset current taxable income. However, the potential usefulness of the mortgage interest deduction has been diminished by recent tax legislation. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) was passed and signed into law in December of 2017. The TCJA is often described as a tax reform bill, due to its broad scope. Read More»

Are You Low-Risk Or High-Risk In Terms Of Financial Planning?

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Before you begin building your portfolio, you need to determine whether you’re a high-risk or low-risk investor. This distinction is incredibly important, not only for financial reasons but also psychological ones. Here are a few things you need to know. What Are Low-Risk or High-Risk Investments? In terms of a balanced portfolio, risk often refers to the volatility of investments. Bonds are one of the lowest risk options; you know you’ll make a certain amount every year, even though that amount isn’t very much. Read More»

Starting A Business? Why You Should Try To Get A Small Business Administration Loan

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When you’re starting a business there’s nothing more important than capital. You need money to buy the equipment needed to run your company as well as the funding to get the inventory that is requested by your clients. A great way for you to get your hands on a lump sum of cash is to receive a loan from the Small Business Administration (SBA.) The SBA is a government entity that is all about supporting entrepreneurs that are trying to get a business off the ground. Read More»