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3 Reasons To Outsource Your Oncology Medical Coding

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If you run an oncology practice, you have enough to worry about on a day-to-day basis with taking care of patients. To focus on taking care of patients, you need to know that your medical billing is taken care of and that you have the money coming in to run your practice. You can hire someone in-house to take care of your oncology medical coding, or you can outsource this task. Read More»

5 Ways A Mortgage Refinance Could Help Your Retirement

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Saving for retirement is a challenge for most Americans. One helpful step that is often overlooked is to refinance your home mortgage. How does refinancing help you prepare for a better and more secure retirement? Here are five key ways.  1. You Can Set a Payoff Date Homeowners who refinance in today’s market can choose a term length that works best for them. So if you have 15 years before you hope to retire, you may refinance with a 15-year loan and have the home paid off just when you step back from the working world. Read More»