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Bail Bond Misinformation You Might Assume Is True

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The criminal justice system is one of the more complicated aspects of society, and it is capable of having profound impacts on the lives of those that are drawn into it. This makes it important for everyone to make sure that some of the most common pieces of misinformation are corrected.

Myth: Bail Will Count Towards Any Fines That Are Levied

It is common for those that are convicted of crimes to face monetary fines. When this is a possibility, individuals might assume that the bail money can be repurposed to pay for part or all of the fine. However, this is not the case as the bail money is only to secure the return of the defendant for their trial. If you wish to use the money that you paid for bail to apply towards these fines, you will need to wait for the bail to be returned. In most cases, this should only take a couple of days, and your attorney may be able to arrange for the fine's payment to be delayed until bail can be returned.

Myth: Only Those Accused Of Murder Will Have Bail Denied

People may assume that a judge would only deny bail as a result of fears that the defendant will kill or otherwise injure other people. Yet, there is a number of factors that could result in a person's bail refused. One of the most common will be instances where the defendant is considered a flight risk.

Myth: You Will Be Unable To Have An Attorney For The Bail Hearing

To establish the terms of the defendant's bail there will be a hearing. During this hearing, the judge will consider the unique factors surrounding the defendant so that the local bail guidelines can be applied to the case. It is always advisable for individuals to be professionally represented during this hearing as this may help to produce easier bail terms, but this is not always possible given the severity of the crime and the bail guidelines.

Myth: You Will Always Lose The Collateral That Secured The Bail Bond

Not surprisingly, individuals are often concerned about putting collateral up to secure bail bonds. However, the collateral that is used to secure these bonds will always be returned as long as the terms of the bail are respected. If the defendant's bail is revoked, the bail may be forfeited. In this situation, the bail bond will have to retain the collateral to recover the loss of the bail bond.

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