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Mistakes You Should Not Make When Out On Bail

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If you are facing criminal charges and had to utilize the services of a bail bondsman to get out of jail, you will not only have to worry about the criminal case you are now involved with, but you will also have to make sure you do not break any rules with the bail bondsman that paid your bond. To help you with this, here are several mistakes you should avoid making when you are out on bail.

Leaving town

It is not uncommon for people facing criminal charges to have travel restrictions, and these restrictions prohibit people from leaving the country and the state without permission. If you have to leave the state for something really important, you would first need to ask the bail bondsman if this is allowed. It typically is not, but they may make an exception for you if there is a really valid reason for needing to leave the state.

Missing your court hearings

A second mistake you should avoid making is missing scheduled court hearings. For a criminal case, you may have to attend many court hearings, even if you only have one charge against you. Missing a court hearing is a huge problem with a bail bondsman, and you should never do this. If you cannot attend a hearing, notify your lawyer before the date of the hearing to reschedule. You should also let the bail bondsman know that you are changing the date of your next hearing.

Breaking the law

Another mistake to avoid making when out on bail is breaking the law. Breaking the law will result in further legal problems, and it could cause problems with the bond the bail bondsman paid to get you out of jail. If you commit any type of crime while you have pending charges, it could end up with consequences that are much worse for both crimes you are being charged with.

Failing to check in with the bail bondsman if required

Finally, if your bail bondsman tells you that you must check in from time to time, you must follow this rule. If you make the mistake of missing a scheduled check-in, you could end up in trouble.

Making these types of mistakes could cause you to end up with more problems than you are already facing. To learn more about the bail bond process and the requirements of using a bail bond, contact a bail bondsman today.