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3 Reasons To Outsource Your Oncology Medical Coding

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If you run an oncology practice, you have enough to worry about on a day-to-day basis with taking care of patients. To focus on taking care of patients, you need to know that your medical billing is taken care of and that you have the money coming in to run your practice. You can hire someone in-house to take care of your oncology medical coding, or you can outsource this task.

Stay on Top Rapidly Changing Treatments

The fight against cancer is a complex one with treatments changing regularly. Oncology experiences a high degree of change in treatment and practices regularly.

When you work with a medical coding and billing company specializing in oncology centers, they will have the training to know what codes to use for new and complex treatments. They will know how to submit complex claims and negotiate reimbursement rates for new treatments. The medical billing staff will be able to keep up with the changing treatment technologies and appropriately bill for them without you having to worry about your billing staff understanding what treatments you are administering to your patients.

Stay on Top of Changing Regulations, Rules, and Requirements

The field of oncology is changing all the time, but the field of medical billing is also constantly changing. Throughout the year, government program rules change. Insurance requirements for different companies are updated. Health care regulations change.

All of these changes impact your medical billing. An outsource billing team keeps their staff trained and updated on these changes, as this is their primary job. They will ensure that each bill you send out for your practice reflects all current regulations, rules, and requirements so that each bill is promptly paid.

Increase Compensation

To get compensated for the treatments you provide, you need to ensure that each claim doesn't have any errors. Additionally, each claim also has to have all the necessary details written out correctly. A medical coding practice will ensure that each claim is written out correctly and is error-free, allowing you to receive compensation faster for the work you do and reduce the chance of a claim being returned for error, further delaying your payment.

When running an oncology practice, you should outsource your billing to a company with specialized training in the oncology field. The oncology field uses complex and changing coding, and you want to work with a team that understands that and keeps up with rules and regulations to increase the number of paid claims immediately.

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